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A complete crm solution

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Lead Management

Develop your own way of staying organized and informed about each and every lead. Understand which tactics are bringing the best leads and convert more leads in less time, and with less effort..

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Lead Conversion

Identify the leads with high potential by tracking and managing every interim process and convert them into potential customers. Enhance the quality of interactions between your business and clients.

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Detail Reports

Easier look at who interacts with your company and how, where your opportunities are, how well you are interacting with leads and customers, trends in your sales and customer service efforts, and many more.

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Analytical Dashboard

Centralized hub of information that visually tracks analyzes and displays Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics and key data points to monitor sales, overall business opportunities, processes and performance..

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SMS and Email Integration

Seamless communication with the client without switching its modes. Automatically remind customers of upcoming events and push notifications to employees regarding updated tasks, assignments, or meetings.

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In-built Calender

Plan your demos with prospects, calls with customers, and anything sales-related using the calendar. Stay up-to-date with important stuffs, see who’s doing what and check your colleagues' availability to attend calls or meetings.

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Have Full CRM experience on smart phones, tablets and other internet-enabled devices.

Access and manage key customers information in real-time where ever you are.Through smarter processes, connected apps and new insights gained from business data, develop new customer centric business models that support strategic growth plans.

Control access to your important customer and business information.

With advanced protection and automatic back-up, important data is protected from unexpected events. CRM security profiles and settings enforce controls so that teams and individual users have appropriate permissions to access records consistent with their role.

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Manage your customer's interaction and accelerate your Business.
Centralized database of information keeps track of every interaction between a sales representative or an employee of the company and the customer.
Helps to improve customer services and helps in better client communication. Finds the best Sales leads and improve your sales
Finds the best Sales leads
Instead of sifting through thousands of leads manually to find that one lead you need to contact, a CRM helps you to find the quality leads in your system easily.
You can also figure out what interaction each lead is having with your company as well as which lead stage they belong to.
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A complete crm solution

Grow Better With Light E-CRM

Connect with your customers

LightECRM allows you to connect with your customers through multiple channels, all while centralizing information that empowers your sales team to have contextual, meaningful conversations with your prospects.

Create Tasks and Notes

Make your work more efficient through structuring everyday tasks. View and manage your tasks from your CRM dashboard and view outstanding tasks across your team. Organize everything and keep your team on track.

SMS Campaign &Templates

SMS campaigns are a great way to reach prospective leads and customers in a highly convenient format. Build your robust SMS campaigns to ensure your text messages are sent to the right prospects at the right times.

Automate and enhance sales

All the information about calls, tasks, notes customer actions, and their preferences are right there in your CRM dashboard. You can identify and fill in the gaps in your sales processes and improve conversion.

Secure your data

Using multiple programs and contact databases makes your data vulnerable. With a centralized CRM, you consolidate your commercial & confidential data, the fewer platforms that have your data, the less risk.

Do business anywhere

Through mobile apps, CRM technology empowers people to get work done anywhere. Mobile CRM means that everyone can connect, make updates and initiate action on-demand when events occur.